Ventilated FIBC Bag

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Ventilated FIBC Bulk Bags

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Ventilated FIBC Bags are made from a PP fabric and have breathable strips for the proper circulation of air. FIBC bags are also one of the most cost-effective ways to package, handle, ship, and store dry bulk products. The fabric of the ventilated bag is designed to help with airflow and reduce the moisture and mold buildup, so your product will not spoil. While the bag’s design is made to handle heavy loads, some sizes can store up to 2500 pounds.

Products typically stored and transported with ventilated FIBC bags include fruits, vegetables, potatoes, and onions. The bags can also be used to transport grains, nuts, wood logs, and more. Ventilated FIBC Bags will provide you with the reliability and safety you need when packing and transporting your valuable products. 

Ventilated FIBC Bags are used to ease the common problems associated with handling, storing, and transporting food items. They are used by farmers, the agricultural industry, and the food industry. 

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