UN Certified Hazardous Materials Bag

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UN Certified Hazardous Materials FIBC Bag

  • Duffle top, Flat bottom
  • Four Corner Lift Loops; easily secured and moved by forklift
  • Rated at 2205 LBS. Safe Working Load
  • 3 mil Loose Liner
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UN certified hazardous material bags are used for materials that you want to keep out of the way of public traffic. These are items that can pose as a hazard if they come in contact with someone. In order to do this, these bags are labeled as containing hazardous materials. 

These bags are specifically designed in a way that the user can feel comfortable in the storage of hazardous materials. They are tested and certified to give you the confidence you need when used for transportation. 

Description of UN Certified Hazardous Materials Bag

The bags are designed with a duffle top and a flat bottom. For the secure and functional transportation use, they have a loop sewn to the bags on all four corners. This makes it easily loaded and unloaded on a trailer with a forklift. 

The strong and durable design is able to hold up to 2,205 pounds. There is a liner inside of the bags as well for added protection. You can purchase these bags in two sizes 36x36x36 and 36x36x48. 

They Protect From Hazardous Situations

When a company is using these bags, it is because they are dealing with materials that can pose as hazardous. This can be anything from these examples:

  • Environmental Damage
  • Toxic Contamination
  • Chemical Burn
  • Explosion
  • Fire

Companies who design these bags put them to the test. They make sure that they are trustworthy and ready to provide optimal protection from these materials. Some of the ways that they make sure these bags can do that are:

  • Vibration Test
  • Tear Test
  • Top Lift Test
  • Stacking Test
  • Topple Test
  • Righting Test
  • Drop Test

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36x36x36, 36x36x48

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