The Mighty Cube

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Square Mini Bulk Bag

  • Four loop handles; easily secured and moved by forklift
  • Collapses for easy storage
  • Tear-resistant woven polypropylene (Black)



If you’re looking into bulk bags with handles, the Mighty Cube may be what you need. The Mighty Cube is a highly resourceful polypropylene woven fabric bag. Many different industries can use the Mighty Cube for a variety of reasons. It is designed with four loops at the top to make loading, unloading, and transporting a simple task. When using a forklift, it can easily be lifted by the handles for loading and unloading. The dimensions are 24x24x24, and it comes in the color black. 

Space is often a problem for many people, this can easily collapse and be stored. When you are transporting your items, you want to make sure that they are secure, the right size, and not going to leak in the process. The best solution is bulk bags with handles. The Mighty Cube is tear-resistant, durable, strong, and capable of giving your business the confidence that you need. A great benefit is that the bag only weighs three pounds on its own, so there isn’t a lot of added weight, making it easy to carry, store, and move around. 

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Weight 3 lbs
Size "



Woven polypropylene (Black)

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