Roll-Off Container Bag

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Roll-Off Container Bags/Liners


Roll-off container bags and dumpster liners are commonly used in construction industries, among many others. Disposable polyethylene container liners are designed for proper container fit, making cleanup easier. You can purchase these bags in a variety of thicknesses and sizes to suit the needs that you have. Our high-quality polyethylene liners can cover a variety of applications. Such as for yard dumpster liner applications, roll-off dumpster liners, and even waste disposal bag liners. Like most container life products, when you purchase bag liners in bulk, you pay less per bag than when you buy them individually. 

These bags are basically large trash bags for your dumpsters, rail gondolas, and dump trucks. They are able to hold a wide variety of substances, but there are some materials that are not to be put in them. Container bags/dumpster liners are sturdy, tear-resistant, and reliable enough to give you the confidence you need in using them. When you are transporting bulk liquids, you need to have a yard dumpster liner that you can depend on. Roll-off container bags/dumpster liners are the product you can trust. If you need industrial bags, tarps, or retail packaging products, ShopTough has it! Call us today for your packaging needs.

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