Baffled FIBC Bag; Duffle Top, Spout Bottom

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Duffle Top, Spout Bottom Baffled FIBC Bulk Bags

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Baffled FIBC Bags are designed with a duffle top and a spouted bottom. The bag is designed with 4-panels and holds a maximum of 3,000 pounds. You can purchase baffled FIBC bags in a few sizes, such as 42x42x40 and 42x42x44. The material of the bag is made out of uncoated woven polypropylene fabric. 

Most commonly, these bags are used for many different industries that need to store powdered or granular material. Some examples of the agricultural, pharmaceutical and construction materials held in these bags are:

  • Sand
  • Corn, Wheat, Rice
  • Fertilizer and Plastic Granules

The duffle top and spout bottom allow for easier filling and emptying of the bag. You can trust these bags to keep your materials safe in the transportation process. There are four loops on the bag, one at each corner. This allows for optimal ease in loading and unloading this bag off of the transportation vehicle with a forklift.

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Size "

42x42x40, 42x42x44


Woven polypropylene

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