Spout Top, Spout Bottom (3,000 LBS. COATED)

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If you are looking for a great solution to storage and shipping for your business, Spouted Top, Spouted Bottom Bulk Bags. These bags can hold up to 3,000 LBS in the u-panel woven polypropylene-coated bags. The spout at the top makes it easy to fill and the spout at the bottom makes it easy to unload. Some of the purchasing options that you have with these bags are:

  • 35x35x35
  • 35x35x40
  • 35x35x45
  • 35x35x50
  • 35x35x52
  • 35x35x55
  • 35x35x60
  • 35x35x70

Despite the size that you order, they are all designed to hold up to 3,00 LBS. Many companies use them to store dry goods, such as powders and sand. Sand and powder are not the only substances that you can store in them. The durable and sturdy design of the bulk bags will give you the confidence you need to know your product is secure. The four-loop handles on each corner of the bag allow for easy loading and unloading onto pallets.

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35x35x35, 35x35x40, 35x35x45, 35x35x50, 35x35x52, 35x35x55, 35x35x60, 35x35x70


Woven polypropylene (Coated)

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