Duffle Top, Flat Bottom (2,200 LBS.)

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Duffle Top, Flat Bottom Bulk Bags (1 Ton)

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Duffle top, flat bottom, bulk bags are a great addition to many different industries. It makes shipping, receiving, and storing items much easier. Some of the many different industries that can benefit from using these bags are agricultural, pharmaceutical, construction, and much more. The one-ton FIBC bags can hold up to 2,200 LBS. of materials. 

If you are looking for durability and strength for the valuable items you need to store. These bags can provide you with just that, the confidence you need. Some examples of the materials that duffle top bulk bags are used for are:

  • Gravel
  • Seeds
  • Grains

You are able to purchase these bags to fit the many needs that you have. Most commonly, they can be purchased in 35x35x40 and 35x35x50, and they’re made out of uncoated polypropene. The design has four loops located at the top of the bag; this feature allows for easier lifting and transportation of the bags.

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35x35x40, 35x35x50

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