3 Reasons Why FIBC Bags Are Great For Heavy Construction

3 Reasons Why FIBC Bags Are Great For Heavy Construction

When it comes to construction, you want something that is easy to use, easy to move, safe and dependable for your workers, as well as cost-effective. Large steel bulk containers are a thing of the past with Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBC). These bags are perfect for hauling, hoisting, transporting materials and debris, and more. When you purchase, you can also place custom orders for bags, tarps, and liners that meet the needs of your company. Let’s examine 3 key reasons why FIBCs should be present at your next construction site. 

1. Provides High Capacity Storage

Time equals money. And with FIBCs high-capacity storage capabilities, your construction company won’t be wasting precious dollars or time. You will be able to transport materials and equipment more quickly to and from your work site, as well as from one level to another if you are working on a high-rise or a multi-level project. 

Massive and heavy steel containers require much more work and time to simply get to and from work sites when clearing debris. FIBCs are both lightweight and durable which means that debris is no problem, big or small! Moreover, FIBCs can also be purchased with closable top flaps that would prevent anything from escaping the bags while in use, in transport, or being stored. 

2. Durable And Safe

FIBCs are produced with inter-lapping strands of woven PP (polypropylene) fabric which makes them highly durable, something that is extremely important in the construction industry. These bags are able to withstand extreme temperatures and heat, as well as resist expanding or shrinking. 

Their durability also provides workers with more safety. And on a job site, especially in construction with massive amounts of materials and heavy machinery, safety is always the number one priority. FIBCs are easily moved with machinery and resilient against wear and tear that can result from lifting and handling. 

3. Cost Effective And Reusable

As important as safety is in any job, so is being able to cut costs (safely) and save a little money on a project. Transportation costs can take quite the bite out of your margins with fuel and weight costs adding up quickly. With FIBCs, since they are lightweight and have a massive storage capacity, there can be fewer trips made and no unnecessary weight costs that you might find when using something as large and heavy as a steel bulk container.

Another cost-cutting bonus that these bags provide is their ability to be reused. Again and again and again! As we discussed before, they are highly durable and they can also be repurposed and used for many different jobs you may have on the job or before and after. They can transport materials, store materials, or, when you are not using them, easily be stored themselves! They take up little space and weigh significantly less than some bulky and heavy containers that would require space and effort to safely move or store. 

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