Are FIBC Bags Waterproof?

Are FIBC Bags Waterproof?

Bulk bags, also referred to as flexible intermediate bulk containers (FIBC), are a type of specialty bag. They are made for storing and transporting dry bulk goods. The construction, agricultural, food, and other industries use specialty bags.  FIBC bags are ideal for hauling building materials, tools, debris, and more. They can be filled and discharged using various types of equipment and are constructed of woven polypropylene fabric. FIBC bags’ flexibility and durability are two main benefits. 

But many customers have a crucial question: Are FIBC bags waterproof?

Moisture In FIBC Bags

FIBC bags are not waterproof. Moisture can get inside because the woven fabric used to make them isn’t completely waterproof. FIBC bags are, however, resistant to moisture and water vapor. They have a coating or liner that further increases their moisture resistance. This coating is derived from polyethylene, which is resistant to liquid. Although FIBC bags are not waterproof, they are a well-liked option due to their water resistance for various uses.

Style And Construction

One crucial point to remember is that an FIBC bag’s level of waterproofing can change depending on the style and construction of the bag. Some FIBC bags are more water-resistant than others, and some may have many layers of coating or lining to offer extra security. Some FIBC bags may have different constructions depending on their environments or conditions.

It’s crucial to consider the kind of material you’ll be storing in the bag and the conditions it will keep. This will help to ensure an FIBC bag is appropriate for your needs.

Choose a bag with a higher level of waterproofing if you plan to store a moisture-sensitive material. If you plan to hold it in those conditions, you want to select a bag made for use in damp or humid environments.

UV Protection

Most FIBC manufacturers give their bags UV protection to shield them from the sun. UV rays can degrade polypropylene. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can cause a bag to lose its waterproofing. To protect the bags from the sun, they should be stored in a shaded area or covered with a tarp.

Facts To Remember

FIBC bags are resistant to moisture and water vapor but not waterproof. A  FIBC bag’s level of waterproofing can vary depending on the style and construction of the bag. It’s essential to take your requirements and the storage environment into account. By choosing the right bag, you can protect your materials from moisture and other environmental factors. Caring for your bags will ensure they maintain their quality throughout usage, transportation, and storage.

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