4 Benefits of Bulk Bags

4 Benefits of Bulk Bags

Bulk bags, also known as FIBC’s (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers), are flexible and massive bags that are capable of holding up to 4,000 pounds of product. Depending on the bag, some may hold less and some may hold more but ,generally, the bags can hold 4,000 lbs. These bags make transport and storage easier and safer. Let’s discuss four major benefits of using these bulk bags.

1. Moisture And Pest Protection

When shipping or storing products or goods, moisture can quite often be a major concern regarding the state in which the product arrives. Moisture and liquid can easily and quickly damage or ruin a product which, in turn, means quite the financial loss for the manufacturer. Pests, too, are a major concern for products, especially when stored for an extended amount of time. 

However, because bulk bags are made with polypropylene the chances of rodents or insects chewing through the exterior is highly unlikely. Polypropylene is highly resistant to stress and cracking, as well as chemically resistant to potentially harmful liquids and water. It is this reason that bulk bags are a good choice for transport and store of sensitive products or goods. 

2. Easy To Use And To Move.

Because bulk bags are lightweight they are easier to move from one place to another. These bags are also equipped with handles (loops) which allows machinery to hoist them up. These bags are also quite light which means that nearly anyone could move them (when empty) from place to place on their own. 

Now, if we were talking about moving an empty bin or crate, you would expect that at least no less than two individuals would be needed in order to safely move the item if not a forklift or some other type of equipment. 

3. Space And Money Savers.

Because these bags are so light and do extremely well when stacked, they are a sure way to save on space and on money. When calculating the weight of a shipment and the cost of that weight, you could really save some money when calculating how heavy an FIBC bulk bag is versus a crate or large container that either holds just as much or perhaps even less than the FIBC. 

4. Eco-Friendly And Recyclable. 

Another benefit to these bulk bags are they are reusable. Even when used to move heavy products, these bags remain intact. However, any bag that is used to transport or store hazardous or dangerous materials should not be reused but should be disposed of in the proper manner. 

And when their life has finally reached its end, they are recyclable which makes them even more valuable. Because what is good for the earth is also good for you. 

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