How Are FIBC Bags Used In Agriculture?

How Are FIBC Bags Used In Agriculture?

In the agricultural industry, farmers require tools that they can depend on to help them get the job done. This means transporting the seed, the fertilizer, the harvested product, and storage and transport of materials and goods. Bulk bags assist in all of this. They are a way to transport and store safely all that which helps the farmer continue to sow and grow his crops, as well as sell in the end. 

Storage And Transportation Of Seeds

There is an old saying, “You reap what you sow.” For a farmer this is more true than for most others. What a farmer sows in his field is what he hopes will grow healthily and plenty for him to harvest and sell later on. Bulk bags help farmers to buy and transport massive amounts of seed which they will then sow. 

Moisture and heat can be deadly enemies of seed and spoil it before it ever gets the chance to be sown and grown. Likewise, rodents and insects are also dangerous adversaries to the farmer and his battle to get the seed safely in the ground. The right bulk bags can prove invaluable to the farmer as it helps keep moisture out, as well as rodents and other intrusive unwelcome guests. 

Storage And Transportation Of Crops

Just as with the seed, the farmer needs equal protection and storage space for his crops once they have been harvested. Moisture and other destroyers of crops are still very much an issue here, if not more than before. Likewise, some crops are delicate and must be handled as such. Fruits and vegetables require proper protection to prevent them from being bruised or crushed as they are stored or transported. 

Bulk bags cut down on the amount of handling and required for transport and loading which means that there is less chance of damage. These bags are flexible enough to allow the product to breathe, but sturdy enough to protect it from itself and anything else that may be attempting to get in. 

Storage And Transportation Of Fertilizers

Fertilizer plays a major part in how successful a farmer’s crop yield either is or isn’t. And because farmers need so much of it, bulk bags make it much easier to transport and store this valuable resource. 

Fertilizers are also easily contaminated and can contaminate other materials that they come in contact with. Bulk bags have a dual purpose and success here as they keep the fertilizers contained, as well as safe and ready for use when the farmer needs it. 

Reusable And Recyclable Making Them Eco-Friendly

FIBCs are reusable and recyclable which means they are eco-friendly. This is a very good thing for those in the agricultural industry since they literally depend on the earth to sow and grow the many things we buy and eat. 

These bulk bags help to replace paper and cardboard used for storage and transport. These bulk bags also help with cutting down on the amount of waste since they are reusable and highly durable. 

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