How Sandbags Are Used During Hurricanes

How Sandbags Are Used During Hurricanes

Have you ever wondered what those bags are that are used during hurricanes? Maybe you’ve wondered what there purpose is, what they are filled with or how they can withstand the hurricane? Well wonder no more! The bag of wonder is called a sandbag and they are highly beneficial to use during a hurricane. 

What Are SandBags And How Are They Helpful? 

The bags you see used during hurricanes are called sandbags. They are just as they are named, bags filled with sand. The bag is generally made from polypropylene, a strong material that helps flood control. The main purpose of a sandbag is for flood control and to help prevent water damage. The sandbags act as a barrier to divert the water around them. 

Pros Of Using SandBags During Hurricanes

The main use of a sandbag during a hurricane is to prevent flooding and water damage to your home. By placing the sandbags outside your home, creating a perimeter. You are helping to redirect the flow of the water away from your home! Anywhere you experience leaks or openings, a sandbag should be placed to prevent water from getting into your home. 

Cons Of Using SandBags During Hurricanes

Some cons of sandbags are the amount of labor it takes to make them. If the sandbag is not constructed properly it could cause it to fail at preventing water or flood damage. Sandbags are only useful for rainfall and storms. If you experience a surge storm, sandbags are not beneficial to use to prevent water damage. Sandbags can sometimes fail and cause a crack in the created perimeter. 

Benefits Of Using Shoptough’s SandBags

When you choose to use one of Shoptoug’s sandbags, you are getting the highest quality in product. The sandbags are made from a woven polypropylene material that is water resistant, highly durable and flexible.The sandbags are made with strings for an easy tie-off once the bag has been filled with sand. The bags are also UV treated for 16 hours, meaning the strength of the bag will hold longer. Shoptough bags are perfect for disaster relief and are always stocked! 

How Are Sandbags Used During Hurricanes? 

Sandbags are used during hurricanes to redirect water from entering into the building or home. Although sandbags require a lot of labor to fill and tie off properly. They are highly beneficial to have during hurricane season. This is to prevent water damage from occurring on, in or around your property. Wherever there is a sandbag, the water will be diverted around the sandbag and away from the home. 

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