5 Reasons To Use FIBC Bulk Bags For Construction Projects

5 Reasons To Use FIBC Bulk Bags For Construction Projects

When it comes to construction, it can be quite the task to find a bulk container in which you and your workers can depend on, as well as easy enough to move and cost-effective. This is why more and more companies are shifting gears and utilizing FIBC bags versus the old heavy bulk containers. Here are a few reasons that these bulk bags are quickly replacing the competition. 

1. High-Capacity Storage Capabilities

As with any job, time equals money. Especially in the construction industry when you are needing to get a large amount of material from one place to another, or from one level to another as you might see in a high-rise construction project where material or equipment must be lifted from one floor to another. The quicker it can be transported, the sooner the workers can begin to use the material(s) in their work.

These bulk bags can store and carry weights ranging from 500 kilograms to 2 tons (over 4,000 pounds.) This is immense for the construction business since much of the time there is a need to quickly and safely transport huge amounts of material such as cement, sand and gravel, and other necessary building materials. 

2. Durable But Lightweight

Because these bulk bags are made from woven PP fabric with interlapping strands, these bags are highly durable. These bags also have a closable top which allows the materials to remain within, as well as not be damaged or changed by anything outside during transport. 

Another aspect of their resiliency is their ability to resist extreme temperatures and heat, as well as the fact that they do not shrink or expand. This is extremely beneficial since construction materials can often be shipped or stored and those conditions can sometimes be unfavorable. But with the FIBC bags, your materials will be protected and preserved. 

3. Safe For Construction Sites

In any job, especially one dealing with powerful machinery and heavy materials like construction, safety is always number one when it comes to getting things done. You want to keep your materials and equipment safe, as well as your crew. 

These bulk bags offer safety by being lightweight and easy to handle versus the use of a heavy bulk container that has its own weight plus the weight of whatever material or equipment is within it. And because of their weight, these bags are moved by lifts or other machinery which cuts down on the likelihood of someone being injured or hurt from carrying load after load of material or equipment from one place to another or carrying it up from one floor to another.  

4. Cost-Effective For Companies

Using these bulk bags is a great way to cut the cost of your job. These bags are extremely helpful with transporting large amounts of material at one time which means less trips. Companies that use these bags can also save costs by investing in something reusable and tough versus a sack that is single-use or disposable. In a business where so much is on the line, these bags help keep you from paying the cost in more ways than one. 

5. Eco-Friendly Materials

Because these bulk bags are recyclable, they are extremely eco-friendly. The PP material used to make the bags can be used over and over again, whether in making new bags or making other plastic-based materials like brushes and brooms. 

And when these bags are made from recycled materials they do not cost as much, as well as allow for the skipping of manufacturing procedures that would create more air pollution and contribute to the carbon footprint. The reuse of these bags and/or their material is a step in the direction of a greener future.

Bagging The Competition

There’s just no denying the numerous reasons and full potential that these bags supply. If you’re looking for someone to supply you with your FIBC bags, contact our team here at, SHOPTOUGH. We offer a wide variety of bags, as well as options for your business. Contact us today and get a quote.

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