What is an FIBC Bag?

What is an FIBC Bag?

What is an FIBC Bag?

Though you may be unfamiliar with the name, you’re likely familiar with FIBC bags. 

They are incredibly versatile and are used to store and transport dry goods in a variety of industries, including: 

  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Landscaping
  • Food Processing
  • Flood & Disaster Management
  • Oil & Gas
  • Wind Energy
  • Off-Shore Platforms
  • Waste Management
  • And more

So, what does FIBC stand for? 

F – Flexible

I – Intermediate

B – Bulk 

C – Container

“What can I use an FIBC bag for?”

The possibilities are endless, but here are a few of the products our customers use FIBCs to store and transport: 

  • Crops / Produce
  • Construction Debris / Cleanup
  • Landscaping / Yard waste / Grass Clippings
  • Minerals / Powdered Chemicals
  • Rocks / Aggregates
  • Dirt / Soil
  • Waste / Trash
  • Hemp / Cannabis

“Why should I use an FIBC for material handling?” 

  • FIBCs have the best (i.e. lowest) packaging-to-product ratio of any intermediate bulk container available today
  • With 4 sturdy lifting loop, FIBCs can be safely transported via forklift without a pallet
  • Space-efficient: FIBCs are lightweight and fold flat when not in use, saving valuable warehouse space
  • Good for the Environment: FIBCs are recyclable

“Where should I start?”

By checking out our website, where we carry a range of different FIBCs all made from premium woven polypropylene. 

Common features include: 

  • Coated / Uncoated polypropylene
  • Open, Duffel, or Spout Top
  • Flat / Spout Bottom
  • Corrugated walls (i.e. Hardwall FIBCs)
  • Extra-strength webbing

We also carry speciality FIBCs, such as Ventilated or Baffle Bags, and can design Custom Bags for your company if you’re looking for something extra special.  

Overwhelmed? Not sure exactly what you need? 

Give our dedicated sales team a call at (972) 241-1745 or send them an email. They’ll be able to assist you in choosing the best bag for your project. 

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