The Mighty Cube Mini bulk bag is easy to handle, easy to transport, tough for big jobs
Practical, easy to haul or fill while sitting in the back of a truck or trailer Be safe, Buy Mighty Cube Bulk Bags

It’s duffle cover, keeps contents safely inside during transport.
2.  Light Weight or heavy weight items are perfect for the 24” x 24″ x 24” size.

3.  Shipping and Transportation: Another very efficient use of the Mighty Cube™. Up to 8 can be placed on a pallet and banded down for safe, efficient transport.
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While the Mighty Cube bulk bag holds 8 cubic feet of material, we have other options, such as 1 yard bulk bags. The most popular item we offer: one cubic yard, 1 ton duffle top, flat bottom bulk bag. This item is rated at 2205# and is a black bulk bag. Black bulk bag material has a better UV resistance than white material, which makes it an excellent one trip bag for outdoor applications. Another popular option is to buy a bulk bag with a spout bottom. The spout bottom allows the bag to be hung over a dumping area and unloaded. This requires proper equipment and properly trained personnel.
All bulk bags must be handled carefully. Bulk bag quality is affected by weather, age, use, and other factors. Never stand under a bulk bag. Never allow non qualified personnel to lift or transport bulk bags. Follow the general safe bulk bag handling procedures at http://fibca.com/portfolio-items/fibc-handling-guidelines/

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