At ShopTough, we specialize in providing standard bulk bags and mini bulk bags (including our famous Mighty Cube bags), for construction, retail, oil and gas, chemical, industrial distribution, military, air cargo and ocean freight. While the ShopTough Mighty Cube bulk bag holds 8 cubic feet of material, other mini bulk bag options include drum bulk bags, which are easy to lift, simple to fold and store, and use premium materials. Next, we have the popular 1 yard bulk bags. The most popular item we offer is a 36″x36″x36″ one yard, 1 ton duffle top, flat bottom bulk bag. This item is rated at 2205# and is a black bulk bag. Black bulk bag material has a better UV resistance than white bulk bag material, which makes it an excellent one trip bag for outdoor applications.
All bulk bags must be handled carefully. Bulk bag quality is affected by weather, age, use, and other factors. Never stand under a bulk bag. Never allow non qualified personnel to lift or transport bulk bags. Follow the general safe bulk bag handling procedures at

When choosing a bag for construction, transport,or manufacturing, feel free to contact us for suggestions and cost savings. 972-400-8838

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