Canvas tool bags for lifting with cranes, cables, forklifts. D Rings on handles

Inner and Outer Heavy Duty Velcro Closures: Safe for high lifting.
2. Bottom Rigid Insert: The Shoptough™ Bucket bags have rigid bottom inserts.
3. Heavy Duty Webbing and D Rings for Crane Lifting: The ShopTough™ canvas tool bags have commercial 2” webbing that wraps around and supports the bags. 2 D rings are 10” extend 10” above the bag for attachment to slings or hooks on cranes for high lifting.
4. Materials: Heavy duty canvas, 2: wide webbing with reflective center stripe, 2 commercial quality D rings, removable hard insert board, heavy duty, commercial, Velcro strip closures.
5. Color Choices: Black and Red. The red bags are also used as Work Site First Aid bags for all levels in the work zones, including high “off ground” zones such as cell and line towers, multi level building construction, ocean cargo ships, off shore oil rigs, forestry… and many uses.

Follow all safety procedures when using these bags. If they show signs of wear and tear, replace immediately.

While the ShopTough lifting canvas tool and wrench bags are especially designed for lifting with cranes, fork lifts,platforms, and bucket trucks they are also built to be able to hang on cell towers, windmill cables, working rigs…. The 10,000# rated webbing is sewn all the way around the canvas lifting bags to allow for working in dangerous conditions. The bags have 2 rows of velcro to prevent items from accidentally being dumped out from high locations. The long wrench bag has no closure on top to allow for oversize wrenches and pipe. It is designed to lift to any location with 10,000 rated D rings.

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